Why is it Essential to have a Right Time Tracking Software for your Business?

Time is the key to an effective business!! Every business needs to time its operations to achieve its maximum efficiency and results. Time tracking…

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real estate software

How ZapERP Can Help You Manage Real Estate

Run a property management company and looking for an efficient and quick solution to all your billing and invoicing needs? Then ZapERP is your…

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Inventory management

How Zaperp Can Help You Manage Your Inventory

How do I manage my Inventory? Inventory management or tracking is one of the most important back-end aspects of business. By tracking , you…

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Stress-Free Ways to Improve Your Sales and Hit Your Goals

Stress-Free Goal Achievement A recent study found that there are more billionaires today than ever before, and Silicon Valley has allowed people to get…

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improve cash flow

8 ways to increase cash flow in your business

Cash flow for any business is the money that is moving (flowing) in and out of your business in a month. Although it does…

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CRM software

How CRM Software Can Help You Improve Your Sales

Managing them effectively and efficiently helps in retaining existing customers and in generating new leads. Given the age of globalization, CRM software is one…

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leads with CRM software

Triple Your Leads With Zaperp CRM

Why should I use a CRM? Customer management (CRM) is vital for all kinds of businesses. Having complete records of customers and their queries…

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zaperp wins finance online's award

ZapERP Wins Finance Online’s best awards

ERP SOFTWARE Ever since we started ZapERP, we’ve been working hard to keep our customers excited. We stay ahead of the competition through breakthrough…

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5 Inventory Management Tips To Save Your Time

Inventory management can be define as the management of stock of goods. This stock is used as a buffer of goods which helps in…

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stripe connect

How To accept payments using Stripe Connect in 3 Easy Steps

Connect ZapERP with Stripe In our earlier post, we had explained the process of creating an invoice through ZapERP. Adding a payment gateway to…

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What is a Quotation and What to Include in a Quote?

Quotation or Quote in business is a formal document of reply by the seller to a prospectus customer or a buyer . However ,…

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create professional invoice

How To Create A Professional Invoice Online

Invoicing is an integral part of the business as it assists the accounting department to keep track of the incomes and expenses of the…

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