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crmWhy should I use a CRM?

Customer management (CRM) is vital for all kinds of businesses. Having complete records of customers and their queries can assist the business in resolving them quickly. It helps in achieving this efficiency. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

CRM is a software that handles all the functions of:

  1. Maintaining customer records
  2. Records information about potential leads.
  3. Reminds the team to follow-up on potential leads and existing customers.
  4. Analyze the sales transactions.
  5. Set up meetings, tasks, and other activities.
  6. Maintain a record of open and closed deals.
  7. Schedule emails for effective marketing and many more.

ZapERP provides their clients a CRM that come with above-said features and more.

Here is a guide to using ZapERP CRM:

Using the CRM is an effortless process in ZapERP. If you already have a ZapERP account, follow the steps below or click here to sign-up for a new account.

Once you have logged in or signed up, the dashboard of your account will be displayed.

How to Use ZapERP CRM?

Click on the Customer Center to enter the details of your customers. You can also enter the detail of any or special deal(offer) you have made to a single or group of customers.

How to Use ZapERP CRM?

Click on the “Contacts Create” option to enter the details of your customers.

How to Use ZapERP CRM?

This option lets you enter all the details of the customer like their names, contact number, addresses and their personal info like birth dates, anniversary date, their bank account, personal identification, VAT registration, GST registration number and so on.

Click on the save button to save the details.

The next step is to enter the details of the deals that are offered to the customers.

How to Use ZapERP CRM?Click on the “Deal Create” option for entering the deal.

How to Use ZapERP CRM?

There are also the following options:

  1. Follow-up: This option lets you add the reminder to check in with the customer.
  2. Tasks: The actions related to the sale of the product or service to the client.
  3. Communication: The record of communication between the customer and the sales team like emails and phone calls.
  4. Files: Any images or documents related to the sale.

After entering all the details, click on the “Save New Deal” option.

Click on “Deals” to view all the ongoing happenings.

How to Use ZapERP CRM?

ZapERP has all the features that help you to manage your customer base efficiently and lets you focus on growing your business.


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