Reduce Inventory Costs

7 Realistic Ways to Reduce Inventory Costs

If you are managing a business, it would be your prerogative to ensure it brings profit. Sales and warehousing are two areas that would…

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Why perform inventory audit and six inventory audit procedures for effective inventory management

The process of accounting the inventory levels of a company is an inventory audit. The analytical tools used by the auditor to confirm the…

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What should a b2b buyer expect from order management software?

Instead of using traditional methods to manage inventory, most of the businesses have now started focusing on inventory management software. Getting a B2B order…

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9 Common warehouse organisation mistakes

Warehouse organisation is often misunderstood as organising inventory alphabetically. Efficacy in warehouse operations is a must for cost control, uninterrupted supply chain and overall…

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7 Difference Between Perpetual and Periodic Inventory System

In a business environment, where physical goods are being sold or purchased, it is essential to have an inventory management system. These inventory management…

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Features and process of an Order Management Software

If you are managing an online or an offline business, where you deal with customer orders and fulfillment, you need to pay special attention…

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What is the Need for Inventory Optimization in Today’s Market?

At the time of managing your business, you will come across the need to pay extra attention to inventory management as well. That’s because…

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What’s the role of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in your inventory?

The retailers prefer to use a coding system to keep track of the inventory. It can assist them with sales tracking as well. In…

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Inventory Counting

How does Cycle Count Work in Inventory?

Cycle count is all about counting a small inventory amount within the warehouse daily. It is done to count the complete inventory of the…

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successful barcode implementation

5 Things to Know for a Successful Barcode Implementation

Trackability is one of the prerequisites for a modern supply chain. It helps in ensuring visibility, meeting compliance, and in case if there is…

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best inventory management tool

Inventory Management Tool: How it can help Manufacturing Companies?

With the rapid development of technology, industries are upgrading to modern and sophisticated equipment. With advanced tools these companies are ready to adopt into…

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inventory apps for shopify owners

5 Best Inventory Management Apps for Shopify Owners

Nowadays, everything is online, and it has transformed how people shop. Every shopping website is giving its customers a whole new experience like Shopify,…

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