ZapERP wins GetApp Category Leader & Software Advice Frontrunner Award

Loading… ZapERP is the SaaS provider which controls the inventories, manages orders and stocks. It allows you to order purchases, items can be received,…

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eBay vs Etsy vs Amazon

Which is the best eCommerce marketplace: eBay, Etsy, or Amazon?

Loading… When you want to sell things online, it is essential to select the right platform. Various platforms are popular among business owners, even…

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Google My Business launch in India

Since the onset of the pandemic, Google search regarding ‘how to help small businesses took a spike. Thus, leading Google to launch support links…

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10 Best and Applicable Tips to Boost Holiday Sales In 2020

Loading… A holiday is the best time to reach the target regarding sales. You must ready for Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, summer…

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multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace

How to attract sellers for my multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace?

Loading… Have you ever wondered how sellers choose their ecommerce marketplace? While it is easy to open an account in multiple places, there are…

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How to List on Amazon and Flipkart

How to List on Amazon and Flipkart?

Loading… In the recent past, various factors have contributed to the paradigm shift in the purchasing pattern of buyers. Most customers have gone online…

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Fight against Amazon Counterfeit Listings with Project Zero

Amazon counterfeit listings are like a frightening specter for those who choose to sell their products through one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. As it…

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What Is Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Learn How It Works

Retailers or sellers, particularly face a higher level of challenge when it comes to product selling. It is easy for them to promote their…

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What are Preorders and why are they popular these days?

Are you a fanatic fan of something? It might be a fashion brand or a video game or a book or maybe a music…

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Importance of Inventory Management in Apparel Business

Every industry has an inventory of products that either includes most of the same items over and over, or that is dynamic and changes…

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Top 5 Security Threats in E-Commerce

It was impossible to even imagine that a market could exist online even some years ago. In the development of technology, e-commerce is now…

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Is Excel the Right Inventory Management Tool for your Business?

In today’s fast-paced world, there is no time for errors and inefficiency. Business owners – small or large, understand this fact. However, when making…

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