cash flow management for small business

5 Effective Cash Flow Management Techniques for Small Businesses

One of the most common problems for start-up companies is cash flow management. Proper Cash flow management techniques can help both struggling, slow growth…

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Balance Sheet

What is Balance Sheet? What are the Different Components of a Balance Sheet?

The balance sheet is a statement that reflects a company’s financial position at the end of the accounting year. The components of a balance…

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Different Accounting Methods: Accrual vs Cash Accounting

Accounting Methods Accounting is essential for businesses to not only know their net worth or P&L but also the revenue and the expenses.  Cash…

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business valuation

Things To Know Before Doing A Business Valuation

What is a business valuation? To Simply put, business valuation is a process and a series of procedures required to determine the total value…

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resolve invoice dispute

5 Ways to Resolve an Invoice Dispute

Disputes are often an obstacle that a business faces every now and then. There are many kinds of dispute like quality dispute, invoice dispute,…

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accounting software

Why Should you Dump Accounting Software Like Xero and Quickbooks and Switch to ZapErp?

Choosing an accounting software to run the business smoothly is quite a big task as we need to select software that not only gives…

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accounting software

Why is it Essential to have a Right Accounting Software for your Business?

What is Accounting? Accounting is a complete record of all the financial transactions of the business. Most business owners concentrate on developing their business,…

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credits vs debits

1 Simple Rule To Understand Debits and Credits

What are Debits and Credits? Double-entry accounting forms the basis for recording the financial transactions of an enterprise. The double-entry system of accounting uses…

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gst invoice

Learn How To Do Invoicing Under GST

All about invoicing under GST : The GST or the Goods and Service Tax  is a comprehensive indirect tax on manufacturing, sale, and purchase…

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Accounting Software vs accountant

Forget Accountants, Try This Accounting Software

Accounting Software or Chartered Accountant? Choosing an accountant or accounting software is the critical question every enterprise face at a certain point. Hiring an…

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The Recent Changes Made In GST Rates By Government Of India

There have been specific rate changes brought forth in the latest meeting of the GST council on 6th October 2017. The changes have been…

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A Complete Guide on TDS (Tax deduction at source)

Tax deduction at source (TDS) is a tax deducted by the employer from the employee’s salary for every month. The employer is legally required…

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