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Difference Between SKUs and UPCs

A company’s stocks and sales should have their own identity, something that stands apart from the other products.  Both SKU AND UPC are two…

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4 Ways Analytics can Augment Your Inventory Planning

The augmented analytics present a practical use of a wide range of data processing techniques, just like data mining, statistical analysis, statistical modeling as…

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Send Promotional Messages on Facebook Messenger Using One Time Notification

Loading… Send Promotional Messages on Facebook Messenger using OTN – Recently, Facebook changed its policy of Facebook Messenger by imposing some restrictions in building…

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“ Inventory management

How Smart Inventory Management Improves your entire Business

Loading… Smart Inventory Management (SIM) in the process of eCommerce, is beneficial for mostly surrounding inventory control and workflows.  But it can also improve…

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Ecommerce and Mcommerce

Loading… The idea of Ecommerce and Mcommerce have very different meanings, aiming at making customers’ lives even easier.  Ecommerce is an umbrella for the…

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Fast Order Fulfillment

Loading… While order fulfillment is, by definition, the method with which a company processes a sales order to the customer’s specifications, that understates its…

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Top Enterprise Resource Planning systems for 2021

Loading… Enterprise Resource Planning software is considered to be an enterprise application, that refers to software designed to satisfy the software requirements of an…

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Pros and Cons of Dropshipping

Loading… Any plans of starting an eCommerce business with no warehouse and still wanting to make a profit out of it? The only answer…

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How To Build, Launch, and Grow Profitable Online Store?

Loading… The idea and the concept of e-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling products online over the internet. This process requires…

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How Closely Should You Monitor Your Inventory?

Loading… The inventory management system is a very difficult process to keep a track on. There is a huge amount of product in the…

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How to Boost Your Purchase Order Process?

Loading… Small organizations are comfortable with verbal commitments and email vows while making purchase orders. But as the organization grows, so does its purchase…

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