The 8 Best Home Inventory Apps Of 2020 (Android & iOS)

home inventory apps review

8 home inventory apps

It is a human trait to buy on impulse and bring home what you have purchased in the store. You would be storing them in many areas of your home. It could be in your sitting room or lounge, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, and every other place. There would be a time in the future where you would lose track of some things in your home. Some may be lying inconspicuously even to your attention. This is not common only to you, but it happens practically in most homes.

To make your life simpler, there are home inventory apps that could help you in documenting every item in your home, however trivial it may be. You need to pick the best-suited home inventory app which would suit your lifestyle, and when the need arises, you could provide a complete list of everything you have within your home.

We list below the best home inventory apps that would help you through the process of detailing all that you own in your home.

#1. Airtable

airtable home inventory

Writing your inventory by hand is a thing of the past with this versatile home inventory app. It is FREE and would keep a detailed track of everything you have in your home. It is an excellent home inventory app to use, especially if you are tied up with a variety of nitty-gritty stuff. You could manage many tasks simultaneously with no fuss at all.

#2. Inventory List

inventory list home inventory app

This superlative home inventory app has been specially developed by Versus Dynamics for iOS devices. Users could create a variety of inventory types to ensure multi-purpose initiatives. This home inventory app is easy to use and is FREE, with a Smart Tracker system. You could keep everything well organized within your home. Thus it would eliminate the need to worry where all your stuff is when you need it in a hurry.

#3. Magic Home Inventory

magic home inventory app

It is a home inventory app that is FREE and is specially developed for Android devices by Robert Papp. This home inventory app offers many superlative advantages like sunburst chat, categorization, custom camera, advanced search, and many others. It helps to keep a watchful eye on all the items, which you would have at home. Nothing would be left out when you use this home inventory app.

#4. Encircle

encircle home inventory app

A complete inventory of your items at home could be tabulated with this versatile home inventory app. It is FREE and compatible with iOS and Android. It is accurate and would help those who would want perfection in maintaining a perfect inventory of their items at home. Through this app, it’s also possible to gather information in visual and textual ways enabling better accumulating of the items around your home.

#5. Home Contents

home contents inventory app

This is a superlative home inventory app specially developed for iOS devices by Curlybrace Apps. This is a FREE home inventory app that has been well accepted by users and could help you to keep track of your home inventory neat and tidily. It could track warranties that are still effective on your items around the home. It would also track all your items and the dates that you came to possess them.

#6. Sortly

sortly home inventory app

This home inventory app is FREE and has all the advantages that you would need to ensure every item in your home is listed. This app is simple to use but is very powerful in application. It could add tags, create notes, and do many things that would help you immensely. It is a smart home inventory app to have and would ensure that no item at home would miss your attention.

#7. Nest Egg

nest egg home inventory app

None of the items in your home would be missed out when you have this home inventory app. It is compatible with iOS and comes at a very nominal fee. It is one of the best home inventory apps that are around. Users have been very satisfied with its performance, and many use this. It is simple to use and is very versatile in operation.

#8. Handi2

handi 2 home inventory app

This is a FREE home inventory app, which was developed and released in 2018, by Russell Moser. It is compatible with iOS 11.0 or any other higher version. It is fast in responding and would sort print, and even export to other apps. Users have rated this home inventory app very high, which ensures that it holds its own among many others aspiring for such high acknowledgment. Good inventory management, especially for maintenance and repair, follow-ups.

We have also put down the list of the best home inventory software of 2020, do give it a read.

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