Features and process of an Order Management Software

If you are managing an online or an offline business, where you deal with customer orders and fulfillment, you need to pay special attention…

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What is the Need for Inventory Optimization in Today’s Market?

At the time of managing your business, you will come across the need to pay extra attention to inventory management as well. That’s because…

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What’s the role of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in your inventory?

The retailers prefer to use a coding system to keep track of the inventory. It can assist them with sales tracking as well. In…

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Inventory Counting

How does Cycle Count Work in Inventory?

Cycle count is all about counting a small inventory amount within the warehouse daily. It is done to count the complete inventory of the…

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5 Differences between Physical Count and Cycle Count Inventory

If your business is storing items in a warehouse, it is essential to conduct inventory counts on a regular basis. At the time of…

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perpetual inventory system 1

6 Main Disadvantages of Perpetual Inventory Systems

Online software systems which help us in business are well and good. They ensure streamlining many essential aspects of the company, from accounts, management,…

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