gst invoice

Learn How To Do Invoicing Under GST

All about invoicing under GST : The GST or the Goods and Service Tax  is a comprehensive indirect tax on manufacturing, sale, and purchase…

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12 Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid While Seeking Investment

Early stage startups are immediately thrown into the lion’s den when founders are made to pitch to investors for financing. A terrible number of…

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account receivable

What is Account receivable? And Why do we need it?

A company gets an order of 5000 units of mobile phones but doesn’t get the entire amount up front and they get paid for…

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A Complete Guide on TDS (Tax deduction at source)

Tax deduction at source (TDS) is a tax deducted by the employer from the employee’s salary for every month. The employer is legally required…

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expense management

How to do Expense Management For a Startup or Small Business

EXPENSE !! Doesn’t the word EXPENSE scare you? Well, it does scare me though and that’s the reason I wrote this article to help…

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ZapERP bags a spot in the list of top 25 cloud accounting software

“Pi.TEAM is a standout newcomer in this quarter’s Category Leader ranking of Accounting solutions, with a total score of 32. An impressive score of 15…

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Do you really need a CFO for your small business?

As modern times have developed, so has the facet of the business. Now there are multi-level aspects with each needing an in-depth scrutinization and…

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Wave Goodbye to all Your Accounting Problems

ZapERP provides easy to use online accounting and invoicing software solutions for all your business needs. Founded in 2017, ZapERP believes in simplifying accounts…

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6 budget ways to grow your businesses & startups

Marketing business for the first time can be very expensive, especially when it comes to digital marketing. In today’s world, it may seem like…

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A Complete Guide On Federal Quarterly Taxes in the US

Every American has the responsibility to fulfill their obligation to pay the right amount of tax. How big the tax is and how to…

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Taxation for the Startups and Small Businesses in Africa

Taxation in Kenya Tax laws are usually thought to be barely associated with the international economic world in relation to universal laws. Conversely, tax…

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Tax Exemptions for Startups in USA and Europe

Putting up your own business is a big risk. One of the most important aspects of business is located. Knowing the right location for…

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